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Continuous induction quenching equipment for rod and shaft

Hebei FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides energy-saving and environmental protection rod and shaft continuous induction quenching equipment. According to your process needs, we can customize suitable induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, quenching and tempering production line, etc. if you have such needs, you can call the technical personnel directly, and provide you with professional quotation and technical scheme free of charge!
IGBT induction heating furnace
Technical features of continuous induction quenching equipment for rod and shaft:

1. Power supply composition: 500kw-3200kw / 1000hz-8000hz

2. Application scope: & Oslash; 20 – & Oslash; 180mm

3. Hourly output: 1.5-10 tons

4. The roller table is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

5. Feeding system: each shaft is driven by an independent motor reducer and controlled by an independent frequency converter; the speed difference output is designed flexibly and the running speed is controlled by sections.

6. Recipe management function: powerful recipe management system, after inputting parameters of steel grade and outer diameter to be produced, relevant parameters will be automatically called, and parameters required for various workpieces will not be recorded, consulted and inputted manually.

7. Multiple closed-loop function of medium frequency induction quenching furnace: Aiming at the extremely unstable power supply system in the underdeveloped areas and countries, a high-level multiple closed-loop system such as temperature and voltage is designed. In the case of 20% fluctuation of power supply voltage and intermittent operation of generator set, the high consistency of product process can be ensured.

8. Industrial computer system: real-time display of the working parameter status, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions.

9. Energy conversion: the quenching method is adopted, and the power consumption per ton is 280-320 degrees.
Hebei FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, forging and diathermy equipment. It has been focusing on the production of continuous induction hardening equipment for more than years, with strong strength, superb technology, good reputation and good reputation. It produces equipment with excellent quality, high efficiency and energy saving, various types, complete models, affordable prices and perfect services Your ideal choice of induction heating equipment manufacturers!
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