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Continuous casting billet inline heating furnace manufacturer

Continuous casting billet inline heating furnace manufacturer

Controlled by PLC, Yuantuo continuous casting billet induction heating furnace can achieved fully automatic, which has advantages of simple operation, high performance and energy saving.

With high efficiency and energy saving, the company has a group of experienced experts in the induction heating industry. The billet induction heating furnace is tailor-made for you. Fully automatic realization of feeding, heating, unmanned operation in the whole process, and perfect power control model ensures accurate temperature control of continuous casting billet induction heating furnace.

Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace process parameters:

1. Continuous casting billet size: 6000 (length × 150 (width) × 150 (thickness)
2. The online speed is up to 15m/min, and the speed adjustment range is 9~15m/min. The speed of each billet is constant.
3. Temperature distribution

(1) The distribution characteristics of the cross-section temperature of the continuous casting billet: the internal temperature is in the high temperature zone, the temperature is 1100°C, the external zone is the low temperature zone, the temperature is 800°C, and the low temperature zone is the part that needs to be increased by 300°C.
(2) The temperature distribution characteristics of the continuous casting billet head and tail, usually head temperature is lower than the tail temperature of about 50 °C.

The relationship between heating temperature and billet oxidation:

Temperature (°C)                              200             400           600             800        1000         1200
The amount of oxidation ( 0.00266    0.759        16.26          111.1        414.9         1083

From the above table, it can be seen that the higher the heating temperature, the more the oxidation skin is. The billet begins to generate scale at 600-700°C; at temperatures between 900-1000°C, the oxidation rate increases and the scale becomes thicker; when the temperature is above 1200°C, the oxidation rate is 10 times than at 800°C. Therefore, preventing the steel from heating at an excessively high temperature is an important measure to reduce the oxidation of the billet.

Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace features:

1. Power supply system: dual rectifier 12 pulse or twenty-four pulse KGPS1000-1000KW single frequency power supply is used independently or in parallel with multiple power supplies. The equipment is equipped with special transformers to reduce the influence of harmonics on the power grid. Users can rest assured that it is safe and reliable.

2. Continuous casting steel billet surface temperature before the entering the furnace: ≥850°C

3.The control system: the entire heating process is achieved by automatic PLC control, and timely display the heating amount and other production records.

4. Power supply requirements: dual power transformers, 12-pulse rectifier power supply, infinitely reduce harmonic pollution, and improve work efficiency.

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