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Connecting rod bolt heat treatment equipment

Connecting rod bolt heat treatment equipment is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment for long bar quenching. Because of its simple structure, high degree of intelligence, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, it is appreciated by users!

bar induction heating furnace

FOREVER connecting rod heat treatment furnace manufacturers have been constantly innovating and upgrading. At present, our main customized production equipment series are: forging furnace, medium frequency diathermy furnace, medium frequency heat treatment and tempering equipment, induction quenching equipment, continuous annealing production line equipment, rolling heating equipment. Welcome to continue to pay attention to FOREVER electromechanical.

Hebei FOREVER mechanical and electrical factory is an enterprise specializing in metal heat treatment equipment. It has many years of rich production experience and introduces domestic and foreign technical talents, forge ahead and develop vigorously along the way. Over the years, we spare no effort to combine the market demand, absorb the advanced foreign metal heating treatment technology, and strive to build and produce equipment. We have strong strength. We can customize production equipment according to the actual needs of users. Welcome users to visit our factory at any time.

Connecting rod heat treatment equipment supporting equipment

A complete set of connecting rod heat treatment production line mainly includes: material conveying system, induction heater, quenching spray system, medium frequency induction heating power supply, PLC intelligent control system, etc. in addition, it can be configured according to the actual demand: transformer, cooling tower, frequency conversion cabinet, etc. What equipment is specifically configured, which model needs to be selected, according to the characteristics of the customer’s workpiece, production capacity, finished product standard, etc It depends on the demand of quasi class.

As for the design of production line, FOREVER has a professional technical team to help you customize the production plan for free. Welcome to call for consultation and get the production plan and quotation for you for free.


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