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Common problems and treatment Scheme of Induction heating equipment

induction reheating machine is a large mechanical equipment which adopts electric heating. It is inevitable that all kinds of problems will occur in long-term use. It is also very important to understand some basic fault judgment of induction heating equipment. The following are the common problems and solutions of intermediate frequency induction equipment.

pipe induction heating furnace

1. Fault phenomenon: the boot induction heating equipment can not start normally. The fault phenomena are high DC current, low DC voltage and intermediate frequency voltage, dull sound and overcurrent protection. Analysis and treatment: the thyristor with one arm of the inverter bridge may be short-circuited or open, resulting in the three-arm bridge of the inverter bridge. If the voltage drop waveform of the thyristor on an arm bridge is a first line, the thyristor has been pierced; if it is a sine wave, the thyristor is not on. Replace the pierced thyristor and find out the reason why the thyristor is not turned on.

2. Fault phenomenon: the DC current is large, the DC voltage is low, and the intermediate frequency voltage can not be established normally. Analysis and processing: compensation capacitance circuit. Disconnect the capacitance and use the multimeter to find the short-circuit capacitance. Replace the short circuit capacitor.

3. Fault phenomenon: all the electrical parameters and sounds are normal when the heavy load cold furnace is started, but the power can not rise to the over-current protection.

The analysis and treatment are as follows:

(1) the inverse conversion current angle is too small, the converter angle is viewed by oscilloscope, and the converter angle is adjusted to the suitable value.

(2) the insulation resistance value of the furnace body is low or short circuit. The resistance value of furnace body is measured by megohm meter, and the short circuit point of furnace body is excluded.

(3) the resistance value of burden iron and steel is lower than that of induction ring. The resistance of charge relative to induction ring is measured by megometer. If the resistance value is low, the lining should be repaired again.


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