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Come to Forever to buy continuous pipe hardening and tempering furnace !

Come to Forever to buy continuous pipe hardening and tempering furnace !

Forever specializes in the research of medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace and the development and design of pipe hardening and tempering furnace. Focusing on research and development, we set pipe hardening and tempering furnace R & D center, R & D center staff have profound theoretical foundation, but also have a strong ability to solve on-site problems. At present, the main intermediate frequency equipment products are intermediate frequency steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace, stainless pipe quenching line, long bar heat treatment machine, billet induction heating furnace and other products. All of Forever products are energy-saving with the characteristics of fast heating, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation. The life of complete sets of equipment is designed and manufactured in 20 years.

What kind of equipment is suitable for stainless pipe hardening and tempering furnace? It is very important to be the final working procedure of steel and parts. Especially for stainless steel, the purpose of heat treatment is not only to improve physical and mechanical properties, but also to restore the corrosion resistance and acid resistance affected in the manufacturing process, which is a very important point. Therefore, the quality of stainless steel pipe heat treatment plays a decisive role in the quality of the products.

The purpose of using stainless steel for heat treatment is its corrosion resistance and acid resistance. Therefore, even if its heat treatment is the most important process, it is not exaggerated. In addition,the properties of low temperature resistance, wear resistance or magnetic properties for 304 stainless steel is also effected by heat treatment.

The steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace mainly uses the medium frequency induction heat treatment equipment, which uses the induction current to cause the workpiece partial heating surface heat treatment. This heat treatment process is often used for surface hardening, local annealing or tempering, and sometimes for overall hardening and tempering. In the early 1930s, the United States and the Russia began to use induction heating method for surface hardening of parts. With the development of industry, the heat treatment technology of induction heating has been improved and its application scope has been expanding.

Forever hardening and tempering furnace is widely used in steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe quenching and tempering treatment line, sucker rod quenching and tempering treatment line, steel plate quenching and tempering treatment line and billet reheating furnace, billet induction heating electric furnace, billet reheating furnace with advanced technology, high quality, excellent service, exhausted. We sincerely serve customers at home and abroad.



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