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Come here for energy saving Continuous billet heating furnace

Come here for energy saving Continuous billet heating furnace

Over the years, specializing in the sales, service, accessories sales, equipment maintenance of continuous billet heating furnace, Forever puts quality and technology in the first place all the time. Welcome to contact us for continuous billet heating furnace used for different applications !

With the rapid development of converter and control system, continuous billet heating furnace will has also been gradually intelligent and unmanned. In the future, the intellectualization of electrical machinery will become an important part of creating value for customers. Around the needs of customers, we can will provide continuous billet heating furnace with more intelligent, automatic and stable performance and provide services to users.

Marketing changes, understanding the needs of the customer to provide a perfect solution and create greater value for users have been our focus. Last year, Forever invested millions of R & D fees both at home and abroad, including the input of the hardware test equipment and the personnel’s input. At present, our continuous billet heating furnace represents the latest development technology to meet the users’ needs. Be responsible for customers and markets, and we have confidence in the sales of new products.

The continuous billet heating furnace is becoming more and more influential in the country at present. Forever will make the billet induction heater industry stronger and bigger with the technology innovation and service as the motive force. And we hope that the continuous billet heating furnace industry can improve the sustainable development mode. That is, innovation, technological innovation, let customers perceive products, services, technology to create greater value.

In the year of 2018, Forever continue to get some orders about continuous billet heating furnace which is used for continuous casting and rolling. The energy saving effect is very obvious.

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