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China factory supply induction billet heater, billet induction heating furnace

China factory supply induction billet heater, billet induction heating furnace

A brief introduction of induction billet heater

The induction billet heater plays a great role in the heat treatment and processing of steel material. It is a high efficient and energy-saving billet induction heating furnace developed by the international leading technology. It is composed of power supply, feeding, heating, discharging, control and other parts. It is widely used in building materials, oil and other industries. It can create a large values users. More and more customers prefer to choose induction heating as their steel heating mode. In many manufacturers, which manufacturer produces induction billet heater with better performance and higher quality?

Forever induction billet heater is recommended

It is not only in Hebei, but also has a high reputation in China. The production equipment has been in the lead in the market and has been approved by the users. Compared with other manufacturers, the advantages of our induction billet heater are as follows:

1. Strong strength

The factory has been established for more than 14 years. It has rich experience in production, has large production testing center and has a variety of medium and large induction heating equipment production facilities to ensure that users can put the equipment on time in production. In order to reduce the cost of technology, the company has established the induction billet heater research institute, making the overall production in the production reduce.

2. Excellent quality

In the production of induction billet heater, the advanced production technology is adopted, high quality raw materials are selected. The produced induction billet heater will be tested by the manufacturer step and stelp, and the qualified product can enter the market. Therefore, the users do not need to worry about the quality of the unqualified equipment.

3. The service is thoughtful

The satisfaction of the users is the biggest pursuit of all the employees in Forever. In order to meet the needs of the users better, the manufacturer provides 24 hours service hotline for the users. The user can reflect the problems to our technicians for the first time, and our technicians will solve problems for you in the fastest time.

Advantages of Forever induction billet heater

1.Performance advantage

(1) High output, the transport system of the equipment was optimized, using frequency converter drive, high regulation, high efficiency equipment.

(2) Energy saving and environmental protection, the induction coil of the induction billet heater is highly matched with the workpiece, the energy consumption of the equipment in the operation is low, and the production realizes no dust and low noise, which greatly improves the operating environment of the equipment.

(3) Strong durability, high strength materials are welded by heat treatment, wear is small, the service life of the equipment is long, and the operation cost of users is reduced.

2. Advantage of manufacturer’s price

In order to ensure that the user has a higher profit in the operation, we reduce our own profit to reach the purpose of reducing users’ investment in the premise of top quality for the product.

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