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Characteristics of steel pipe induction heating equipment

The electric heat treatment equipment for steel pipe is a kind of induction heating equipment specially developed and produced by FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. for steel pipe material. It uses electromagnetic principle to heat treatment and process the metal steel pipe material, which has the production characteristics of high speed, intelligence, environmental protection and high quality.

pipe induction heating furnace

1、 How much is the steel pipe electric heat treatment equipment?

The steel pipe heat treatment furnace is a non-standard product. The manufacturer makes customized production and quotation according to the material, shape, size, process requirements and production efficiency of the workpiece provided by the user. Therefore, the specific price of the induction heating equipment requires the user to call for consultation and provide specific parameters. However, it can also be known that the higher the output of steel tube electric heat treatment equipment is, the higher the price is, so the higher the output is, the higher the configuration is.

Production features of steel pipe electric heat treatment equipment:

1. The closed-loop temperature control system is adopted for the electric heat treatment equipment of steel pipe to realize automatic temperature control, uniform temperature of heating steel pipe and reliable processing quality;

2. Adopt frequency converter to drive production, install one for each shaft, single damage will not affect the whole set of operation, realize stable production and high quality processing;

3. The electric heat treatment equipment of steel pipe is heated by electromagnetic principle, which will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other substances that pollute the environment in the production process, so as to realize green environmental protection operation;




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