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Centralization of heating blank in induction heating equipment

Centralization of heating blank in induction heating equipment

Blank is also raw material, and the blank can be divided into circular, square, rectangular, tubular and variable sections according to their cross-section shape. The induction billet heater is put the blank into the induction heating coils,one set of induction heating coil can not be used for all kinds of billet due to different section size.

At the same time, in order to make the induction billet heater have high efficiency, the gap between the heated blank surface and the induction coil should be as small as possible, which limits the size of the blank section that can be heated in a inductor. When the size of the blank with the same cross section is large, the blank should be divided into several groups according to the size, and each group of blanks should be heated in one inductor. If the section size difference of the blank that can be heated in a inductor is large, the heating efficiency of the small section blank is not high, the electric efficiency is low, and the economy is not economical.

In a group, the size difference of blank diameter is generally 10~15mm, the inductor should be designed as per the Max. and Min. section size. In actual production, the replacement of the inductor on an induction heating device is used to heat the blank in different section size cross section.

For large quantities of blanks, it is best to heat them in special induction heating equipment. Because in this case, the heating efficiency is higher, and the unit product consumption is smaller. Since the inductor is only used to heat the same type of blank, the mechanization or automation of the loading and unloading material can be greatly improved.

According to the above requirements, the processed blank are divided into 5 categories:

(1) Full length blank heating.

(2) End blank heating

(3) Locally heated blanks, that is, only one part of the blank is heated.

(4) Long blank through heating

The induction heating of thermoforming blanks can be divided into the following heating methods according to the size of blanks and different heating specifications.

(1) Periodic induction heating. That is, only put one piece of blank into the inductor to reach the required heating temperature, that is, stop the power supply. Take out the heated blank and put into another piece.

(2) Sequential induction heating. It is to place a few blanks in the inductor at the same time. During the induction heating, these blanks are pushed from one end of the inductor to the other end, that is, a cold blank is added from the feed end, and the end of the discharge is a hot blank which has reached the heating temperature. When the cold blank is sent, the inductor does not break off.

(3) Continuous induction heating.The blank will continue to feed and pass through the induction billet heater at the same speed, one piece by one piece.

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