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Billet induction heating furnace temperature control

Billet induction heating furnace temperature control

Billet heating furnace is an important thermal equipment in the metallurgical industry. One of the purposes of heating is to improve the plasticity of steel. The plasticity of the steel in the cold state is very low. In order to improve the hot working conditions of steel, it is necessary to improve the plasticity of the steel.

In general, the higher the hot working temperature is, the better the plasticity of steel is. The lower the heating temperature is, the greater the energy consumed is, the faster the wear of the mill is, and the lower temperature will likely to occur roller break. Another purpose of heating is to make the billet get uniform heating from surface to the core and from the head to the tail. Due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside the billet, there is internal stress in the metal inside. Then the billet will have quality defects and waster after rolling. Through uniform heating for the billet, the temperature difference will become smaller and smaller so as to avoid dangerous temperature stress. The quality of billet heating directly affects steel quality, production, energy consumption and rolling mill life.

The correct heating process can improve the plasticity of the steel, reduce the deformation resistance during hot working, and provide the billet with good heating quality for the rolling mill in time to ensure the smooth rolling mill production. On the contrary, improper heating process, such as tow low heating temperaure, will occur overheating, over burning, rolling will cause waste.

Uniform heating is the key for the billet heating process, Forever continuous billet induction heating furnace is mainly used for billet reheating before rolling such as square steel, round billet, continuous casting billet.The temperature control method is using closed-loop temperature control system, which can adjust the heating temperature automatically. One worker can operate the whole system and needn’t worry the temperature is out of control.

Billet technical parameters:

Bilelt material: carbon steel
Billet size: 50*50-165*165
Heating temperature: 1000 ℃ ± 30 ℃
Power supply: 100-8000KW

Forever billet induction heating furnace configuration:

1.Furnace body frame (including capacitors, water line, circuit, gas line)
2.Induction heating system
3.Storage platform and pinch roll automatic feeding device
4.Pinch roller rapid discharge device
5.Infrared temperature measurement system
6. Transformers (Matching according to the actual needs)
7.The capacitor (Matching according to the actual needs of customers)
8, PLC operation console
9.Cooling tower
10. Power supply

Mechanical part

The mechanical part consists of furnace frame, feeding machine, feeding mechanism, material discharging mechanism and so on. The action setting and the heating beats are completed by LPC.

1.Feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism consists of storage table, the front V-groove and the conveying device. The discharge port is mounted roller discharge mechanism so that the material does not contact with the furnace outlet.

2. Furnace rack

It’s steel welding components, including waterways, circuits, gas components, capacitor tank copper, etc…

3.Infrared temperature measurement device

Temperature measurement device is using non-contact monochrome infrared thermometer, with a temperature display and a variety of output interface for the printer or recording equipment.

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