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Billet induction heating furnace manufacturers teach you how to choose the machine to heat billet?

Billet induction heating furnace manufacturers teach you how to choose the machine to heat billet?


It’s the most important keys to control the heating temperature, heating speed and heating time during billet induction heating furnace.

Forever will explain to you about how to control the four most critical points:

First, in the billet heating process, how to control the billet heating equipment heating temperature

The heating temperature refers to the surface temperature of the steel material when it is heated in the furnace. The heating temperature of the steel is not only based on the characteristics of the steel, but also taking into account the steel process requirements to obtain the best plasticity

Second, what is the meaning to control heating temperature of continuous billet in the billet heating production?

Reasonable control of the heating temperature is conducive to improving the production and quality of rolling, reducing the energy consumption and billet wear of billet induction heating furnace, while obtaining the best plasticity and smallest deformation resistance.

Reasonable control of billet induction heating furnace heating speed, what is the point?

Steel heating rate refers to how much temperature value will the billet surface temperature increase in a certain time, the unit is / h.In the process of billet induction heating furnace, the temperature difference is big from the surface and the core due to uncorrect control for the heating speed. There is much thermol stress generated inside the billet, which cause the billet crack or break. The greater the heating speed is, the less oxidation skin that the billet has. Therefore, rapid heating is the important measures to improve the continuous billet induction heating furnace.

Third, how to control the heating temperature in the billet heating process?

1. At the begining of billet heating, we should limit the heating speed erasonably.If the heating speed is too fast, the temperature difference from surface to the core will be much. Then the thermal stress inside billet will bigger. When the stress exceed the strength limit of steel,it will break.

2. Soft steel heating temperature is 500 ~ 600 , you can not consider the impact of temperature stress. For  the metal with high plasticity, the temperature stress can only cause plastic deformation.

3. Heating speed need to take full account of the physical properties of metal, geometry and size. For the thin material can be arbitrarily adjust the heating rate, but for large high-carbon steel and alloy steel,you should be careful to adjust the heating speed.

Fourth, how to correctly understand the heating time?

The heating time of the steel is the minimum time necessary for the billet to be heated in the furnace to reach the desired temperature for rolling. The heating time includes three stages: billet preheating, heating and preservation.

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