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Billet induction heating furnace

Composition of billet induction heating furnace:

1. Intelligent series resonance medium frequency induction heating power supply

2. Furnace frame (including water way, circuit and water-cooled conveying roller table)

3. Capacitor cabinet group

4. Induction heating furnace body

5. Connect wire / copper bar (power supply to furnace body)

6. Infrared temperature measurement system

7. Remote operation console (PLC control)
billet induction heating machine
Advantages of billet heating furnace:

1. The heating time of billet in electromagnetic induction furnace is shorter than that in flame furnace, which not only reduces the iron loss, but also improves the surface quality of billet during rolling,

2. By using electromagnetic induction heating, there is no combustion product in the heating area, so the oxidation and decarburization of the billet are effectively avoided, so the clean billet can be obtained by this rapid heating;

3. The billet heating furnace in the steel plant has the advantages of fast heating speed, reduction of oxidation and decarbonization on the surface, environmental protection and greatly reduction of thermal radiation;

4. Using induction heating furnace can not only control temperature quickly and accurately, but also save energy;

5. The maintenance cost of the equipment is much less than that of the flame furnace;

6. Billet heating equipment can heat ultra long billets, which is beneficial to realize semi endless rolling and improve rolling efficiency.

After sales service commitment of billet heating equipment:

1. The billet heating equipment shall be maintained free of charge and for life within 12 months.

2. Free training of operation and maintenance personnel, long-term technical support and services.

3. The operation instruction and equipment list of billet heating furnace will be provided free of charge.customer
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