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Billet heating furnace is not only beautiful in appearance, but also guaranteed in quality.

Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in producing billet heating furnace and continuous casting billet heating equipment. When customers choose and purchase billet heating furnace equipment, the beauty of appearance is also one of the important factors that affect the purchase of continuous casting billet heating furnace. Therefore, to improve the beauty of the equipment on the basis of stability and practicality is also a major point of Hebei FOREVER’s electromechanical production and manufacture, and to enhance the beauty of the billet inductor should be heated by grasping the main body and breaking through step by step. In order to fundamentally improve the beauty of the billet inductor heating equipment.

The assembly inspection group of the induction heating furnace for billet has inquired and inspected the eight processes, such as blanking, welding, assembly, painting, assembly, electric control and so on, which are produced by the billet heating furnace one by one. Feng Guosheng, a member of the Welding Department, Cai Fengcai, an assembler, Xu Shuangquan, and Cheng Shouzheng, an electronic control assembler, respectively introduced the major improvement points of this group in the special activities for appearance improvement from their own work. Execution completion.

The production inspection team of the billet inductance heating equipment found that the implementation of each process was steadily advancing, and the improvement of the quality of the concrete billet heating furnace was also gradually increasing. It was also emphasized to the responsible persons of each process that they must be careful and careful. Each induction heating equipment should be carefully produced to ensure that the billet inductor should heat up the production line of each of the top quality.

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