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Biellt induction preheating furnace

FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured many sets of high-power billet heating equipment for Taiwan and Vietnam. The billet induction preheating furnace has been maturely used in heat treatment production and has won high praise from users. Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Manufacturers provide users with the design and quotation scheme of online billet heating induction furnace free of charge. Welcome to consult.


Main configuration of billet heating equipment:
1. Furnace frame (including capacitor bank, water channel, circuit and gas channel)
2. Induction heating system
3. Storage Platform and Automatic Feeding Device of Pinch Roller
4. Quick discharging device of pinch roll
5. Infrared Temperature Measurement System
6. Transformers (selfselected according to customers’actual needs)
7. Capacitors (self-selection according to customers’actual needs)
8. PLC General Operating Console
9. Cooling Tower
10. Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply

Mechanical part of billet heating furnace:
The mechanical part is composed of furnace frame, feeding machine, feeding mechanism and discharging mechanism. The action setting and heating rhythm are completed by LPC.
1. Feeding mechanism
The feeding mechanism is completed by the storage table, V-shaped groove in front of the furnace and the conveying device. The discharging inlet is equipped with a pair of roll discharging mechanism so that the discharging material does not collide with the outlet of the furnace body.
2. Grate
It is a section steel welding assembly, with inner water circuit, circuit, gas circuit components, capacitor groove copper bar, etc. and above it is a inductor.
3. Infrared Thermometer
The temperature measuring device of billet electric heating equipment adopts non-contact monochrome infrared thermometer, which is equipped with temperature display and various output interfaces for use by printers or recording instruments. The temperature display on the panel of the external console has the characteristics of high accuracy, good reliability and strong environmental impact resistance. When the measured temperature exceeds the set value, it has the function of sound and light alarm.

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