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Better than traditional heating equipment, induction heating is more advanced

Better than traditional heating equipment, induction heating is more advanced

With the continuous improvement of technology and continuous innovation of people, there are more and more ways and kinds of heating for metal workpiece. Different heating modes have different characteristics.

Then, what are the advantages of the billet induction heating furnace compared with the traditional heating mode ?

1.High energy efficiency: unlike the traditional heating mode that transfer heat, the heat will produce the heat inside the workpiece with the billet induction heating furnace. And there is holding material during the induction heating coils to reduce the heat lose greatly. The heating time is reduced, and the production efficiency of the heat treatment plant is improved. The medium frequency billet induction heating furnace has flexible induction coils and fast mounting coils. Better and faster installation can achieve automatic adjustment for various frequency and load.

2.Air-cooled design: air cooling power supply application solved the problem of water freezing in winter and avoild failure caused by water scale.

3.Improve the working environment: The electromagnetic induction heating principle of billet induction heating furnace can reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. The workers do not have to be exposed to the gas or resistance heating caused by the fire environment. Medium frequency billet induction heating furnace does not produce high temperature without any gas or other substances. The working environment of heating workshop is greatly improved.

4.Multi-line heating mode and thermocouple control: multi-line monitoring. The thermocouple can control billet heating temperature as well as water cooling for the induction heater to ensure the billet quality. heating in the heating, freezing thermocouple control cooling, to ensure the quality of product processing. High speed current sensing technology on-line dynamic detection, intermediate frequency bilet induction heating furnace has achieved the perfect system detection and real-time protection.

5. The lining of billet induction heater adopts the new high temperature resistant material, the temperature reaches 1200 degrees, so that the heat treatment work can meet the requirements of heat treatment process.

6. The temperature measurement points of billt heating must be accurate and reliable, so our heating equipment is equipped with infrared thermometer to monitor the heating temperature in real time and record the temperature automatically.

7. Using PLC control system, only need to input the relevant parameters before start the machine and then the machine will run as setting parameter, which is simple and convenient. If there is mistake with the setting parameter, the console will alarm.

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