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Bar quenching furnace manufacturer,customized made for you

Bar quenching furnace manufacturer,customized made for you

Forever is the professional bar quenching furnace manufacturer in China, which has more than 14 years of history, the company has a total of nearly 100 employees, of which Forever electrical technology research and development team have advanced and intermediate engineers. The company mainly produces bar quenching furnace used for round or square billet, the company’s products have been exported to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Serbia and other countries and regions, the company has been running under the ISO9001 international standard quality management system.

The electric bar quenching furnace can be customized according to your requirements. The bar quenching furnace itself belongs to the non standard product. We need some parameters before providing the proposals, such as the length and width of the workpiece, and the output of the equipment per hour.

Forever has unique design concept, humanized design and close attention to customer experience. The excellent quality and the stability of the intermediate frequency bar quenching furnace is carefully designed by the high quality standard.

The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, which is built by Forever, has unique design characteristics and is suitable for heating and heat treatment of workpiece in mass production lines. According to your request, we will customized make your unique induction heating furnace. Not only that, but all the components need to determine the zero shortcomings before they are assembled to ensure the smooth operation of the assembly process. In addition to this, we are more critical of each device to carry out a rigorous process inspection, equipment debugging, and final inspection for each device. Inspection and management system.

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