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Bar induction heating furnace with the most advanced technology is here !

Bar induction heating furnace with the most advanced technology is here !

Forever bar induction heating furnace has been continuously optimized and improved, and its performance and quality have been continuously improved. Induction heating equipment has been accepted by the customers.

Forever main product steel bar induction heating furnace, which has wide appliation such as forging, rolling, quenching, annealing, tempering and so on.

The bar induction heating furnace is in accordance with the national standard of production, customers can customize higher standard motor to meet the needs. The design of induction heating furnace is designed in the direction of automation and energy saving. What is most important, our bar induction heating furnace is designed as per customer’s requirement, for example, if you need rejection device or water filter device, we can install for the line.In a word, we will start and consider the machines from customer’s point of view.

Interpretation of four highlights of Forever bar induction heating furnace:

1. The power capacity and the heating ability are outstanding in the same type of product. The carbon steel bar induction heating furnace is strong and powerful to meet the production demand of medium frequency induction power supply, without maintenance in the later stage of technology. Equipped with high kilowatt power supply, the furnace can meet different requirements for different diameters and capacity.

2.Adopt the design of the alloy frame support, the frame is designed separately, and the separate design can achieve better working state of induction heating furnace
3. Strengthen the control console, having good control reaction ability, greater operating space, easy to clean, instead of the traditional operation of many workers, reducing tedious operation.

4.Equipped with imported infrared thermometer equipped with the induction heating furnace to display the most accurate heating temperature in real time, and to ensure the processing quality of the bar induction heating furnace and the interests of the users to the maximum.

Established 18 years ago, Forever has witnessed the development of the domestic induction heating equipment industry. In order to further strengthen the domestic brand, the bar induction heating furnace must carry out reform and innovation. From the production research and development technology to the marketing mode, the upgrade belongs to its own unique advantage, which is the core competitiveness.

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