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Bar induction heating furnace is the main force in heating furnace industry

Bar induction heating furnace is the main force in heating furnace industry

One.Brief introduction of bar induction heating furnace

Bar induction heating furnace, which is different from the traditional heating equipment such as gas furnace, coal furnace or fuel furnace, is a kind of split type heating equipment using electromagnetic induction heating technology, which is equipped with corresponding converter, material loading and discharging,conveying, heating, control and other systems, together to form a complete induction heating equipment. Reasonable matching, smooth production line and good mobility, and customized heating scheme configuration to meet different production needs.

Two. How to heat the heat the steel bars easily?

The bar induction heating furnace is gradually replacing the traditional heat treatment equipment, which is suitable for the heat treatment of all kinds of metal workpiece and improves the mechanical properties of the industrial metal workpiece. In addition, if the heat treatment is processed, the appearance is beautiful, and it is widely used in various industrial fields.
The design science and internal structure of the bar induction heating furnace are more innovative and reasonable. It is designed as per workpiece piece features, and can better heat the metal workpiece. In the process of heating, the equipment and the workpiece is matched well, the heating is uniform, and the work is no pollution.

Three. More advantages of bar induction heating furnace

1. The steel bar induction heating furnace is flexible, the body is small, the transportation is convenient, and the production is quicker and more convenient.
2. Adopt automatic loading and unloading structure design, stable operation, simple operation;
3. High performance heating system configuration, high production efficiency and long service life.
4.Manufacturers door-to-door installation, commissioning, operation is simple and easy to learn.

Four, bar induction heating furnace price consultation

Because there are many different types of bar induction heating furnace and flexible assembly machines, the price of different configurations and different models will naturally be different.

As a professional induction heating equipment manufacturer, we have many kinds of equipment with full type, good quality, good performance, more environmental protection, high benefit, and more economical and economical. If you need to know the price of the specific equipment, please consult Forever sales manager, and provide more specific information about the workpiece.

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