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bar heating furnace-steel pipe / iron bar and other metal diathermy process

The special equipment for metal diathermy of steel pipe / iron rod is medium frequency Bar heating equipment. Because the equipment adopts the latest component IGBT as switching component, it improves the production efficiency in the traditional heating mode and greatly reduces the loss of customers. At the end of the year, save electricity for customers 39567 °, more about the steel bar heating furnace video, information can be directly to the factory inspection, guidance, official technicians, sales consultants dedicated to your service!

The manufacturer of metal diathermy steel rod heating furnace such as steel pipe / iron bar suggests: just tell us your workpiece size, product specification, heating temperature, technical requirements and the heating method you are currently using. We will put forward reasonable suggestions for your process improvement, and choose a suitable model for you to reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency for your production.

Some advantages of steel pipe / iron bar and other metal diathermy steel bar heating furnace are as follows:

1. Greatly save electricity, every ton of steel heating, power consumption of 120 degrees. Compared with thyristor intermediate frequency power saving 20%-30%.

2. It will not bring pollution on the network side, the transformer will not be heated, the compensation capacitance of the station will not be heated, and it will not interfere with the work of other equipment.

3. Power saving power supply transformer capacity: IGW-300 intermediate frequency: 315KVA power supply transformer can work. And in thyristor,

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