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Automation and intellectualization are the developing trend of induction billet heater

Automation and intellectualization are the developing trend of induction billet heater

Forever has been established for more than ten years, and is the leading manufacturer of induction billet heater, in China. For many years, it has been devoted to research, development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, renewal and renovation of billet forging heating furnace, pipe heat treatment equipment, rod heat treatment equipment, plate induction heating equipment and other automatic medium frequency induction billet heater. Relying on the professional design team, advanced production technology, efficient management and control, perfect quality system, complete after-sales service, Forever has rapidly rised to become a well deserved leader in automatic energy saving and efficient induction billet heater in China.

With the national policy of saving energy and protecting the environment, the intelligent development, automation and intellectualization have become the development direction of the induction billet heater,. The demand of the customers in the billet induction heating equipment is getting higher and higher. The suppliers can only continuously improve the technology to meet the market demand.

High efficiency of on-line induction billet heater:

A reasonable choice of induction heating power supply is to select thyristor medium frequency induction heating power in low temperature section, and IGBT super audio frequency induction heating is selected after Curie point. The heating efficiency is more than 80%.

The whole control system of induction heating power supply adopts the world advanced constant reverse voltage time inverter control mode to achieve automatic frequency tracking and adjustment. The equipment is reasonable in design, precise in assembly process, perfect in protection system, high in power factor, convenient in operation and maintenance, and high in reliability.

In terms of the quality of Forever induction billet heater, the products of Forever are strictly according to the IS09001-2000 quality system management process specification. The company has a clear job responsibility system, strict process quality control system, standard testing and test equipment, which can ensure the product in the whole process of production. with excellent quality.

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