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Automatic steel ball production line

Automatic steel ball production line

Forever automatic steel ball production line is designed to meet the growing demand for steel balls used in mining to pulverize ores, cement, paint pigment and other solids in ball and SAG mills. Forever automatic steel ball production line is available in steel ball forging, steel ball roll forging and steel ball hot rolling., each steel ball production line is fully automated, from stock feeding to discharging finished pieces.

Forever fully automatic steel ball production line without human intervention, automatic production, makes sure the stability of the steel ball quality. This line production process contributes to environmental protection, saving power but high efficiency. Steel balls have precision dimension, good roundness, high hardness and good mechanical properties and high impact toughness, strong crushing ability etc characteristics.

Forever automatic steel ball  production line also has following functions: 

1. Automatic control the quenching temperature, make sure the quenching quality.
2. Automatic roll fast rewind function, make sure the rollers be not damaged.
3. Automatic feeding material function, improve the material utilization.

The steel balls advantages.

1. Good surface and roundness
2. Uniform ball hardness.
3. Very low broken rate, long service life.
4. High density, strong impact toughness
5. High performance price ratio, saving your cost.

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Post time: 09-17-2016