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Automatic Induction heating production Line of Heat treatment equipment

The general characteristics of the whole machine operation of construction machinery are high load and high impact, which puts forward high requirements for the parts and components of construction machinery, including working equipment, power device and transmission device, and thus puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturing equipment of parts and components, especially for induction heating furnace process equipment.

At present, the domestic heat treatment industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises on the edge of villages and towns, has gradually increased its investment in heat treatment equipment. Many foreign high-end heat treatment equipment manufacturers have gradually taken foreign equipment as a benchmark, increased investment, and narrowed the technical gap and quality gap. This situation has resulted in a rapid improvement in the automation level and integration process of domestic construction machinery heat treatment equipment, from the original single set of ordinary non-numerical control equipment. Gradually become an automatic heat treatment center and heat treatment assembly line for manufacturing and testing.

The equipment and upgrade of heat treatment process reduce the requirements of operators to a great extent, reduce the trust of equipment to people from the operating point of view, and greatly improve the ability of heat treatment process and the quality stability of heat treatment products.

Hebei FOREVER Electric Furnace is specialized in various heat treatment production lines, intermediate frequency induction heating production line, intermediate frequency heat treatment quenching production line, heat treatment and tempering production line, and other  induction heat treatment equipment


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