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Automatic and intelligent induction heating equipment

The medium frequency induction heating furnace of Yuan tuo electromechanical automation is widely favored by the users. The intelligent induction heating equipment has won the praise and favor of the majority of users by virtue of its better quality and good market reputation. So why is this intelligent induction heating equipment so popular with users? Yuan tuo electromechanical editor from the design of this induction heating equipment, performance, safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental protection and other aspects to be analyzed in detail for you.

Automatic intelligent induction heating equipment, widely favored reasons:

1, induction heating equipment design composition is simple, there are intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, input material rack, induction heating system, output material rack, infrared temperature measurement system, The closed cooling system is composed of several parts, such as strong set, reasonable assembly, compact structure of the whole machine, small turning radius, low requirements for transportation conditions, convenient and fast conversion site, and simplified technology, which can reduce the complicated installation time.

2. The performance of induction heating equipment, high efficiency and intelligent automatic operation mode, induction heating equipment adopts PLC control system of man-machine interface, as long as it is set up, steel diameter, production efficiency, heating temperature, The whole set of induction heating equipment is started in one key, and the production process of induction heat permeable furnace is completed automatically, which saves labor, high production efficiency, strong continuity of operation, stable and reliable operation, high yield and high efficiency.

3. The induction heating equipment of the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical production is environment-friendly and energy-saving. the induction heating device is provided with a double-layer sealing device system and a dust removal device, The relevant standards are met in the aspects of skill and environment protection.


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