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As a foreign trade company, how to find induction heating equipment manufacturers to cooperate?

Q: our company is a foreign trade company. Recently, we have found several factories to cooperate, but now we find that many of them are middlemen. How can we find a real manufacturer of induction heating equipment?

A: the Internet age has given people great convenience. Many transactions are easily reached without meeting each other. Usually, we simply search the induction heating equipment manufacturer through the Internet, learn some basic information about the manufacturer from the Internet, and then communicate with the customer service of the equipment factory. When we feel almost the same, we begin to order and cooperate. Although this is convenient and fast, it was later found that the cooperation is generally not satisfactory, because only through the network, you may not find a really good manufacturer. Maybe it is not a manufacturer, but a trader.


Because of this, some dealers and fake manufacturers have emerged. Therefore, if you find an induction heating equipment manufacturer through the network, if you have no experience, you are likely to be fooled by some traders and dealers. If so, not only the price of your customized equipment will be much higher, but also the delivery time may be much later than the actual delivery.

So, how can we find a real and high-quality induction heating equipment manufacturer? In fact, it is also very simple. Just search “induction heating equipment manufacturer” on the Internet, and then understand some basic information of the manufacturer through customer service, select a manufacturer that initially feels good, and go directly to the factory for field investigation at some time.

The inspection contents include: the manufacturer’s business license, equipment exhibition hall, production scale, production equipment, quality control standards, and asking the on-site operation staff. Among them, asking employees is the most important one, and it is also easy to be ignored by customers. If it is a middleman or trader who borrows someone else’s factory for customers to visit, just ask the employees a few words, and they can reveal their flaws.

Of course, if you can’t find a good manufacturer of induction heating equipment, I suggest you find FOREVER Electromechanical, which is a large induction heating equipment factory cooperating with Fujian No. 3 steel, Hegang group, Kunming Steel Group, Liaoning Liaoyang Huayu group and other steel mills.


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