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Application of medium-frequency induction heating equipment

The main application fields of Medium frequency induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, quenching treatment of machine tool guideway; 2, welding of cutting teeth for coal mine; 3, welding of one word brazing bit and plum blossom brazing bit for mine; 4, thermal deformation of bolts with diameter less than 30; 5, thermal deformation of nuts with diameter less than 30; 6, remelting of metal powder; 7, heat treatment of sprocket below 300 diameter; 8, quenching treatment of shaft below 80 diameter; 9, cross section treatment of workpieces below 80 diameter; 10, quenching treatment of various manual tools (hammer, axe, pipe pliers, broken wire pliers); 11, thermal deformation of various automobile tools (such as socket wrenches); 12, local heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts; 13, local heat treatment of various mechanical parts

After the gear shaft quenching equipment quenched shaft type: hardness is uniform, consistent. The quenching layer is moderate and uniform. The quality of work is very high. Save electricity and save energy. The operation is convenient. The performance-to-price ratio is high. Gear shaft quenching equipment has a variety of power supply and machine tools and auxiliary fixture configuration, can be applied to the diameter of up to 500mm-small to 10mm shaft parts of the table

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