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Application of Induction heating equipment in the production of Auto parts

Hebei Hengyuan electric furnace adopts advanced microcomputer processing technology, which can monitor the overcurrent of the whole machine by means of large scale and stepless smooth adjustment, so that the whole machine can be protected very reliably, thus improving the stability and reliability of the equipment. With the application of induction heating equipment in the production of auto parts, we will first think of high frequency quenching process. In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile industry, there are more and more kinds of auto parts that need induction quenching.

The application of induction heating machine in the production of steam parts: first, induction quenching equipment can be divided into five categories: observable frequency induction quenching, high frequency induction quenching, ultra-audio induction quenching, intermediate frequency induction quenching and power frequency induction quenching. Widely used in automobile and motorcycle accessories such as: fork, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, ball pin, crank pin, sprocket, valve, all kinds of rocker arm, rocker arm shaft, gear shaft, splice shaft; Induction quenching heat treatment of various shafts, forks, clutch, etc.

The advantages of induction heating equipment in the production of auto parts are as follows:

1, small volume, light weight, saving space,

2, high electric efficiency, almost no power consumption when inverter stops, inverter efficiency can reach more than 90%;

3, quick start and stop, reduce material consumption;

4, no mechanical movement, low noise, reliable operation;

5, easy load matching, can determine the frequency of the power supply according to the load situation;

6, the frequency can be automatically followed to maintain a reliable running state;

7. it is easy to install and does not need a special foundation.

8, the product structure is simple, the production process is short, and the maintenance is convenient.


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