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Analysis of Digital Intermediate Frequency Induction heating equipment

Digital medium frequency induction heating machine has been widely used in metal heat treatment, quenching, annealing, permeable heat, melting, welding, using the induction current produced under the action of high frequency magnetic field to cause the conductor to heat itself. Compared with furnace heating combustion heating or electric heating medium frequency induction heating equipment has the advantages of significant energy saving non-contact fast process simplicity and easy automation.


First, the digital product of all digital control system can take many measures to improve the reliability of the product and reduce the shutdown; in order to effectively restart the function of automatic restart, after the shutdown protected by external factors or accidental factors, the processor automatically restarts immediately after analysis, which has little effect on the heating of the workpiece, so the reliability of the equipment is greatly improved.

Second, the perfect limit and protection measures in intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, because of the complexity of load conditions, perfect restrictions and protection measures are essential, but the restrictions and protection measures can not reduce the reliability of the equipment operation.

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