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All digital intelligent control for bar induction heating equipment

All digital intelligent control for bar induction heating equipment

As the production base of bar induction heating equipment, Yuan Tuo bar induction heating equipment has full digital intelligent control system and simple operation. Over the past 14 years, Yuan Tuo is focus on designing and producing various kinds of bar induction heating equipment with providing the best after-sales service.

Bar induction heating equipment adopts all-digital intelligent control: Remote console has set Siemens PLC control system, which can allow the user to operate the whole system through touch screen operation. The system has the functions of automatic/manual feeding, reverse, alarm light, value input for heating temperature and transmission speed. The system will also record all the production parameters including current, voltage, power consumption, water pressure, water flow, water temperature etc.

One worker can operate the entire set of bar induction heating equipment, saving labor and costs. All digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, as long as the input steel, size, bar induction heating equipment automatically call the relevant parameters, do not have to manually record, consult and input. U disk or network backup, data can be permanently saved.

The system has language switch function between Chinese and English. Or it can be translated into the local language, which is very convenient for the local worker operation.

Bar induction heating equipment has strict level management system with a key to restore the system. (If a problem occurs in the adjustment, or if you want the bar induction heating line to return to the original state, you can restore the original data by pressing button.)

The choice of Yuan Tuo bar induction heating equipment is your ideal choice. The whole process including design, production and testing will completed in our factory. The equipment can be sent to you only get your approval for the quality.

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