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AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace in China

AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace in China 

American Iron and Steel Association standard .43 ** is Mo, Cr, Ni alloy steel, 30 represents the carbon content of 0.3%; this is equivalent to China’s 30CrNiMo.

Equipment Name: AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace
Process: Quenching and high temperature tempering double induction heat treating.
Equipment specifications:Customized made according to the actual needs of customers
Equipment highlights: Automatic loading and unloading, temperature automatic control, temperature control sorting and other functions.

Complete sets of AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace includes the following major components:

IF power supply, PLC intelligent control system, feeding rack, induction heating system, quenching system, high temperature tempering system, the material rack. Forever can also equip cooling system, infrared thermometer system as per user’s specific requirements.

Technical characteristics of AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace

1.100% start rate,no preheating time.

2. With a temperature interface can be achieved temperature closed-loop control

3. Available to quickly and easily replace the furnace as per different heating parts.

4. All digital, no relay control circuit, the system is in stable and reliable operation.

5. Various kinds of protection functions for over-current, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase, water pressure, water temperature to ensure that any failure does not damage the equipment components.

6. Easy to operate and maintain the whole induction heat treating furnace.

7.Non-contact heating, only heating the metal.

Specializing in the production of AISI 4330 steel bar heat treatment furnace for over 13 years with advanced induction heating technology and professional engineer team, Forever has friendly cooperation with nearly 2,000 customers. Welcome to visit our factory at Hebei province, Cangzhou city, China.

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