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Advantages of medium frequency induction heating furnace

The medium frequency induction heating furnace is the metal heating equipment that seizes the great opportunity of the development of the heat treatment industry, follows the development of the times and bases on the market, so it has today’s achievements. Why can medium frequency induction heating furnace stand on the market?

induction heating furnace

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to environmental protection. The traditional metal heat treatment furnace production produces waste gas, smoke and dust, which is not suitable for the current market. The induction heating equipment uses the electromagnetic principle for heating production. The electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, which will not produce dust noise and waste gas, smoke and other pollution in the processing process, so as to meet the market demand;

The medium frequency induction heating furnace adopts the mechanical and electrical integration structure design, the whole equipment structure is compact and reasonable, the floor area is small, it can reduce the capital construction cost for the user, and it is convenient for the user to plan the space reasonably.

Electric control production, high heating efficiency

The medium frequency induction heating furnace adopts PLC system and touch screen centralized control production. The whole set of equipment production realizes automatic and intelligent production and processing, with high production capacity to meet the personalized production needs of users. There will be no oxide skin, burning loss and decarburization during the processing, and the processing quality is excellent. The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace should be put out

The opportunity is for those who are prepared. If you need a set of automatic operation, production for Abel, and want to put it into production quickly, then the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is what you think!



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