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Advantages of induction heating equipment

At present, the manufacturers in the heat treatment market have generally used induction heating equipment as the metal heat treatment furnace to put into production. This equipment is used to process raw tea with medium frequency current. The whole set of equipment has the production characteristics of high efficiency, stability, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and intelligence. At present, it is gradually replacing the traditional metal heating equipment.

Induction heating equipment is mainly composed of medium frequency power supply, full-automatic feeding and unloading mechanism, conveying system, induction heating system, cooling system and control system. It is designed with Mechatronics structure, compact and reasonable structure, and small floor area.


Advantages of induction heating equipment

1. There are various heating methods. Induction heating equipment can be used for the overall heat treatment of metal steel or local heating. The energy consumption of local heating is lower, the heating efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption of local heating is lower.

2. Internal structure design science. High operation efficiency, continuous operation, excellent performance, stability and reliability, and great benefit in the later stage.

3. Excellent material selection and fine workmanship. Choose hard material, good wear resistance, durable, long service life.

4. Electric heating is adopted. Electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy. During the production process of induction heating equipment, there will be no oxide skin, burning loss, decarbonization and other phenomena, meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

5. Low operating cost. With advanced technology, reasonable design, convenient operation, simple maintenance, stable work and higher production efficiency.

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