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Advantages of digital intelligent drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace

Advantages of digital intelligent drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace

Digital automatic heat treatment provides an opportunity for the development of drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace. The frequency of the medium frequency drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace is determined by the depth of the hardened layer, the size of the parts, the steel type and the structure. The current penetration depth is inversely proportional to the square root of the frequency. The medium frequency induction heating hopes that the permeable depth of the current is greater than the depth of the hardened layer. This method is called the permeable heating. Under such heating conditions, each part is directly heated by the electrothermal effect of the eddy current to heat the parts for a short time to the required quenching temperature.

When a part of the hardening layer (the required depth of the hardened layer) reaches the quenching temperature, the high frequency circuit of the drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace can be cut off and quenched. Therefore, the heating time is short and the heat is hot. The loss is small, and the heat generated is not enough to transmit to the inside of the parts, and the transition zone is narrow. Therefore, the heating mode can ignore the conduction of the quantity, the surface is not easy to overheat, the fine needle martensitic structure is obtained after quenching, and the quality of the hardened layer is better. Therefore, when the frequency selection is better, it is necessary to consider the permeable heating as far as possible. If the penetration depth exceeds the hardened layer, the heating efficiency will be reduced and the current is due to the current. Dispersing, the heating rate will also slow down.

The induction heating equipment has the function of automatic frequency tracking. In the whole process, the high power factor can be guaranteed. No matter what the output power is, the power factor is always greater than 0.9.

The drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace adopts series resonant induction heating power control system, full touch screen manipulation, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict rank authority.

The intermediate frequency drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, and the success rate of starting is 100%.

The PLC remote control program combined with the man-machine interface of the oil drill pipe heater is technically advanced, with all digital and high depth adjustable parameters and uniform heating.

The temperature is displayed in real time by the two-color American ray infrared thermometer. After heat treatment, the workpiece has no over burning, no crack, high yield, tensile strength and straightness of the workpiece can satisfy customer requirements.

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