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A useful heat treatment line for oil casing,

In order to change some defects of traditional metal treatment equipment, the new  oil casing heat treatment furnace line has learned the advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of the traditional metal treatment equipment in China, and the equipment for oil casing quenching and tempering is built.

The heat treatment line of oil casing customized by our company has the following advantages:

1, the operation panel adopts color liquid crystal display, large size touch screen, high clear operation screen, cooperate with operation safety protection system, Even first-time users can operate with ease.

2. The humanized design of the operating system greatly shortens the preparation of the use of the equipment. Advanced automatic diagnosis system to assist operators to quickly control the excellent performance of this machine.

3. The intelligent PLC control system is used to ensure the stability of induction heating furnace.

4, the feeding system adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, wear-resistant and long life.

5, the design concept of doubling the safety factor makes the safe service life of the equipment longer.

There has been a great breakthrough in the overall level of oil casing heat treatment line. In the fierce competition market, the quenching and tempering line of FOREVER tubing has received unprecedented development opportunities. The oil casing heat treatment line is innovated, and the high and new technology is well applied to the new equipment, which provides the high end and high quality tubing conditioning treatment furnace for the enterprise. With the revolution of science and technology, the heat treatment line of oil casing is a great beneficiary. The tubing conditioning and tempering production line helps to find a breakthrough in the problems on the production line of enterprises.

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Post time: 05-15-2019