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Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, a famous “acrobatic town” in China. The main products of FOREVER are: steel bar quenching and tempering production line, steel pipe annealing equipment, sucker rod quenching furnace, Induction heating equipment such as steel plate heating furnace and billet induction heating equipment are optional, mainly used for: diathermy forging, heat treatment (quenching, annealing, tempering, tempering) and other production fields, become metal diathermy, surface quenching, etc. The main circuit of the induction heating equipment adopts transistor module, which saves the cost of electricity to a greater extent, and the operation is simpler, and the automation degree of intermediate frequency is higher, and the main circuit of the induction heating equipment adopts transistor module in the production line such as metal smelting. Can replace traditional severely polluted coal-fired heating and high-energy-consuming tube heating equipment

Advantages of aluminum bar induction heating furnace small size, large power, fast heating, core transmission, power saving. Electricity saving: compared with the old Thyristor if, the Thyristor if heating is about 470 degrees per ton of work piece. Save more than 100 degrees of electricity per ton. As long as the burning of about 500 tons, the electricity saved can be recovered equipment investment.

Circuit characteristics: the main device adopts IGBT module, the circuit adopts uncontrolled full-bridge rectifier, capacitive filter, bridge inverter, series resonant output. There is a fundamental difference between the use of thyristor parallel resonance and the old intermediate frequency. Principle of power saving: uncontrollable rectifier, rectifier circuit full conduction. High power factor, voltage-type series resonance and so on, determine the power saving of the equipment.

All induction heating equipment sold for one year free door-to-door maintenance, life-long maintenance. If a failure occurs in the aluminum bar heating furnace, our professional after-sale technicians can arrive at the site within 48 hours to solve the problem. With high cost-for-performance ratio, the induction heating equipment serves every customer, and gets high production profit with low production cost. We are willing to be your loyal partner and win the glory of our cause.

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