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600KW induction heat treating equipment for sale

600KW induction heat treating equipment for sale


Forever Furnace induction heat treating equipment is applied to heat treating of metals: hardening, tempering, and  annealing.We professionally dedicated to Research & Development,production of medium frequency induction heat treating equipment and high frequency induction heat treating equipment for more than 16 years.The power is available for 100 KW-10000 KW.

Forever Furnace induction heat treating equipment features

1.Perfect  functions of protection, improving the reliability and stability of the machine.

2.Energy saving 15% ~ 30% than old type electrical tube.

3.100% start success rate; power factor > 95%.

4.Modular design, easy to repair and maintenance.

5.The operating cost is low;operation is simple and convenient without special foundation.

Forever Furnace induction heat treating equipment advantage

1.Energy saving, environmental protection, low pollution level.

2.To strengthen the monitoring and diagnosis system “Forever” device to ensure the high stability, reliability and safety of the induction heat treating equipment.

3.Strict supplier management system and ISO9001-2008 quality management system of Induction heating system to ensure high quality.

4.Customized service according to customer’s requirement.

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Post time: 06-17-2016