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160KW IGBT steel bar quenching furnace proposal

160KW IGBT steel bar quenching furnace proposal

Steel bar quenching furnace has wide application in the workpiece heat treatment, which has advantages of uniform quenching, no deformation and high heating efficiency. Today one customer from Russia called us to make the inquiry about shaft induction quenching furnace. The following is their requirements for our steel bar quenching furnace

  Max.quenching length (mm           1000
 Max.clamping lengthmm           1100
 Max. gyration diametermm          ≦500
 Shaft movement speed(mm/s           2-60
   Rotation speed(r/min           40-150

Steel bar quenching furnace technical features

(1)The control loop adopts the fourth generation control panel(single panel). The main core components are imported integrated circuits, all digital and no relay control circuits, which makes the whole system running stable and reliable.

(2) The success rate of startup is high.

(3)The rectifying power factor is more than 0.92.

(4) The multi station structure can replace the induction heater quickly according to different heated workpiece.

(5) Intermediate frequency voltage 750V.

(6) DC voltage 500V.

(7)Complete protections including overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, water pressure and so on, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(8)Three phase and four wire system.

(9)Easy to operate, maintenance costs are low.

Actually, surface quenching heat treatment process is only one application of our induction heat treatment furnace, which can also be used as continuous quenching and tempering furnace, induction annealing furnace and so on. For this kind of equipment, the temperature control is the most important as the heating temperature will directly effect the steel internal structure and effect the mechanical properties. Then what is the Forever temperature control system?

Advantages of infrared & PLC control for steel bar quenching furnace

 The different heating power can be set as per different size of workpiece, that is to say, the power of medium frequency power supply is adjusted by the heating temperature, so the complete closed loop control of temperature can be realized.

(1)Stable and reliable temperature closed-loop control, real-time collecting, recording, storage of process control data and have the corresponding classification retrieval, query and print function.

(2)The real-time detection of the process control effect; in the process of the equipment operation, the real-time analysis, monitor and inspect the equipment status.Timely display for various abnormal conditions.

(3)Convenient and quick operation mode conversion. Only switching the “automatic” and “manual” switch on the operation table to realize the switch between the two modes.

(4).According to the need, the operator can set up the verification function of setting password, production record query and print permissions management function.

(5).Clear and friendly operation interface, all kinds of operations is easy to see, no need to memorize complex operation rules and regulations before operation.

(6)The communication interface can use optical fiber as communication medium, which can ensure the reliability of long distance data transmission and implement network management.

(7). Real-time alarm system with temperature, water pressure and power failure. If the problem can not be solved in time, you can be stopped at any time.

(8).Greatly improve the stability of equipment and product quality.

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