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120T per hour capacity induction billet heater from Forever

120T per hour capacity induction billet heater from Forever

Two month ago, we sign one contract with one big steel company in Fujian, China. The contract is about billet induction heating furnace with large power output.

This customer process is continuous casting and rolling: After the billet charging from the continuous casting machine, it should be sent to the rolling mill for rolling deformed bars. But during the transporting process, the billet surface temperature reduce from 1100 ℃ to 800-900℃, then we need to use furnace to reheat  the billet surface to the required temperature. Before this customer is using gas furnace to achieve this process, but the government don’t allow using gas furnace due to strict policy for environment protection. Our billet induction heating furnace is making use of induction heating principle, so it has no smoke, dust and will not increase the workshop temperature. Thus, this customer choose our furnace to replace their gas furnace.

Now this complete billet induction heating system has been working well at our customer’s factory. Their technical parameters is as follows:

● Billet size:150*150
● Billet length:9000mm
● Heating from 850-1050℃, heating 1/3 of the billet. 
● 4 induction heating coils in total.
● The line speed is 9m/min.
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Post time: 12-14-2017