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How much is the billet induction heating furnace? How much power will it need?

How much is the billet induction heating furnace? How much power will it need?

When the users are planning to buy the billet induction heating furnace, the first question that they will ask is that how much is the billet induction heating furnace? And how much power it will need. 

Actually, if you ask the manufacturer to answer you for this question at the beginning, the manufacturer can not tell you. Firstly, they need to know your billet size to confirm the induction heating coil and the capacity per hour to confirm the power the furnace will need. What’s more, the price will be influenced by the components. Such as the infrared thermometer. The domestic brand is only 2000RMB, but the America Raytek will cost 30000RMB. Also the switch and button on the power supply can be domestic or Siemens brand. But their price differs too much.

As a result, when you require the supplier to give you the price, you need to request them to give you a full details for the billet induction heating furnace. If they only give you a price but nothing to describe for each part, we think it’s not professional.

Now Forever will give you a brief introduction for the configuration parts of the billet induction heating system. 

1.Automatic feeder and turning device, you need to see their material and small parts brand like the cylinder or motors.

2.Transportation device: you need to check their roller table material and whether it’s been heat treatment.

3.Induction billet heater. You need to check their cover protection and whether it’s has copper covered at the port of the furnace.

4.Power supply:It’s KGPS or IGBT type.

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