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What is a good induction furnace? Here is the answer you want!

Is the temperature rising slowly? Pollution in the heating process? High energy consumption and high operating cost? Low benefit?

Are the above problems that you will encounter in the process of using induction diathermy electric furnace? Haven’t you found a solution yet? Don’t worry, the local induction heating furnace (that is, induction diothermic furnace) newly designed and produced by Yuantio electromechanical manufacturers is all solved for you. With its excellent performance and efficient and environmentally friendly working mode, it has won the hearts of many users. It has brought considerable economic benefits to countless users, and it can be said that “when one opportunity comes, wealth will be available.”

1. Emission control: the structure is designed in an all-round way, the internal design is strict, the air self-circulation system can be formed, the harmful gases such as dust and other harmful gases can be prevented, and the phenomenon of harmful substances flying all over the sky in the traditional heating furnace has been completely eliminated.

2.noise reduction: the base is equipped with rubber material, durable and shock-proof, and the motor is reasonably selected to control noise propagation from two sources, as well as noise suppression devices to control noise pollution within the standard range.

3, energy consumption reduction: local induction heating furnace is equipped with IGBT intermediate frequency induction power supply, IGBT if adopts frequency modulation and power regulation, rectifier part adopts full bridge rectifier, inductance and capacitance filter, and has been working at 500V, so IGBT intermediate frequency produces high order harmonics. Pollution to the power grid is low. Compared with the traditional thyristor if power supply, the energy-saving IGBT transistor intermediate frequency power supply can save 15% and 25% energy saving compared with the traditional thyristor intermediate frequency power supply. The induction diothermic furnace motor is properly selected, the dynamic energy is sufficient, and the additional energy consumption is reduced. The induction diothermic furnace can save about 45% energy compared with the old heating furnace.


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