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Induction heating equipment complete configuration, reliable production!

In order to improve the performance of round bar heat treatment equipment, it is necessary to carry on heat treatment processing. Induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment which can carry on heat treatment processing for all kinds of metal steel, using electromagnetic principle heating, producing and realizing environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency intelligence. Low carbon stability!

First, the induction heating equipment realizes intelligent control, saves time and effort, this steel bar heat treatment furnace is equipped with PLC control system, adopting digital operation mode, it can realize remote control of start-up, process adjustment, shutdown, and so on. The operation room can monitor the operation data of the fuselage in real time, greatly improve the precision and safety of the production. In addition, due to the high level of automation, the operation process does not require too much manpower, can save a large amount of manpower costs. Save time and labor and money!

Second, the environmental protection of induction heating equipment is complete, and the site of traditional metal heat treatment furnaces for green production is often accompanied by dust and noise pollution. Nowadays, the state is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, and enterprises with serious pollution have been shut down and rectified in a wave. It can be said that the environmental protection upgrade of metal heat treatment equipment is imminent! In order to reduce the dust and noise pollution in the operation, the intermediate frequency heating furnace is equipped with perfect dedusting and noise reduction devices, and the electric energy belongs to the environmental protection energy, and the waste gas smoke will not be produced easily in the production process. Therefore, the production process is easy to produce environmentally friendly processing.

Induction heating equipment to achieve automatic production, reliable structure, low noise, energy-saving materials, has been widely used in mines, construction, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, machinery manufacturing and other fields, such as you want to know the price of induction heating equipment, The model, the production plan design and so on more details please consult our technical personnel, the far extension electromechanical will wholeheartedly serve for you!

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